My Barbie update

In December of 2011 this Barbie unexpectedly came into my life.  Her hair was a mess and she was wearing a vintage 1980s outfit, but since then her hair has been tamed into a braid and she's gotten some new clothes. 

I know it's tad eccentric for a grown woman to suddenly take an interest in a Barbie doll, but it's  been fun having her around.  I look forward to collecting a wardrobe for her and photographing her in interesting places.  

This photo was taken In December of 2011 at a   holiday party in Grand Rapids, where Barbie reconnected with some old friends.  

For Christmas Barbie finally got some new clothes!  She was so glad to finally get into a decent pair of jeans, and some shoes.  

Although she was glad to get out of that old blue outfit, Barbie was a bit chilly in her skimpy clothes, so she borrowed some corduroy pants and a sweater from Ken for the winter. 

In January of 2012 Barbie traveled to Charlotte, North Carolina with her traveling companion, the Gnome. 

Here's a photo of Barbie checking into the Residence Inn hotel in Charlotte. 

She enjoyed the mild January temps in Charlotte. Here she is on the patio of the Residence Inn.  

After returning home from her trip to Charlotte Barbie spent most of her time relaxing on the bookshelf and looking out the window.  It was a quiet winter for Barbie, but now that Spring is here she hopes to get out of the house a lot more often.