Metal Gear Solid 5, MGS5 could be set in Africa, Baby Snake?

Metal Gear Solid 5 will be set in 1970s Africa, star Big Boss and - and maybe, just maybe - show the birth of baby Solid Snake, according to an in-depth investigation in the latest issue of PSM3.

In a 10-page feature, Metal Gear series expert Dan Dawkins provides forensic analysis of the Metal Gear timeline, while piecing together over 12 months of Kojima's cryptic tweets, a raft of existing clues and all the 'Next MGS' imagery to date. The most obvious clue about 'the next MGS', comes from the recent Kojima Productions GDC recruitment advert, where a picture of Big Boss (the hero of Metal Gear Solid 3 and Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker) is accompanied by the call to arms, "Big Boss Wants You!".

The Kojima Productions site itself 'hides' another image of Big Boss with a 'Diamond Dogs' logo on his shoulder, which Dawkins claims is a reference to both the 1974 David Bowie album Diamond Dogs (Kojima being a confirmed Bowie fan), but, more importantly, the diamond mines of Angola, against which some of the action could be set.

Previously, characters such as Frank Jaeger aka Cyborg Ninja and Big Boss himself have all been revealed as having links to the continent via countries like South Africa, Rhodesia (neĆ© Zimbabwe) and Mozambique, further reinforcing Africa's importance to MGS canon. Need convincing further? We've included a sample spread from the magazine detailing Dawkins' thinking. As well as all that, PSM3 explains why the choice of location and timeline could mean a reprisal for Gray Fox (aka Ninja from MGS on PSone), focuses on the philosophical dispute between Big Boss and Major Zero that inspired the plot of MGS4, and reveals how the game could address modern world, mid-economic-recession, issues.