Final Fantasy XIII-2 - Reqiuem of the Goddess DLC coming in May

Back in March, Square Enix announced plans to release a Lightning-focused download episode for Final Fantasy XIII-2 called “Reqiuem of the Goddess.” Dengeki PlayStation this week confirms it will launch next month, some time after May 15, when the Snow and Valfodr DLC is released.

The content will see Lightning battle Caius in a form different from what we’ve already seen. She’ll have an all-new role and abilities built specifically for the episode, including a new Scene Drive attack. After you complete the episode, you’ll be able to equip her armor to party characters.

Additionally in May, Square will release a White Mage costume for Serah, Black Mage costume for Noel, and 16 costumes for Mog the Moogle. Mog’s outfits include a devil costume, a pirate costume, and a panda costume.