Codemasters To Develop Only Racing Exclusive Titles

Codemasters is rebranding its name to focus solely on racing games. Leaving behind action titles such as the Operation Flashpoint franchise and Bodycount, the publisher is now known as Codemasters Racing.

The firm’s developers are currently at work on new F1, GRID, and DiRT titles. The first title to be released under the label is DiRT Showdown on May 25th (a demo will be released on May 1st).

“We have kept our reputation for delivering best-in-class racing games,” said communications chief Rich Eddy. “And best-in-class racing games is now our razor focus going forward.

“In racing, we are No.2 in Europe and that’s not good enough. We want to take racing games across multiple platforms and genres. So that players can play anytime, anywhere and on any device.

“Racing is our DNA, it is our heritage, it is our specialisation and it is our absolute focus going forward.”