Ben and Natalie April 2012

Natalie is now two years old and is turning into a confident, outgoing, happy little girl.  She is cheerful, loving, funny, smart, and agile.  She's definitely a climber.

She can't say "Grandma" yet, but we're working on it.  I keep saying the word while pointing to myself, which makes Natalie point to herself and say "me."  She can sing Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, and she has begun to say the word "no".  I asked her if "no" was her favorite word and, of course, she said "no!" Natalie loves Sponge Bob Square Pants, she calls out "Bob!"  whenever she sees an image of him.

 Natalie hates to have her hair fooled with. She doesn't like having it brushed, and HATES having it put into a ponytail.  During a recent visit to our house I tortured her by putting a barrette in her hair:  it lasted 10 minutes.

Natalie isn't afraid of much, but she hates bugs.  "BUG!"  she exclaims whenever she sees one.  She steers clear of ants, and shrieked when a little white moth flew by when she was visiting recently.  She likes books, and enjoys being read to.  Our favorite books to read at grandma's house these days are "Five Little Ducks" and "But No Elephants."  She calls BB "Bee" and sometimes calls me Bee, too.  BB taught her how to play Angry Birds on the iPad and she was delighted.

Ben will be four years old in two months.  He knows his ABC's and can count.  He counted to fourteen during a recent visit to grandma's.  He understands that Grandma's house is far away from his house. He can show you where grandma lives by using his right hand as a map of Michigan!

 Ben loves to ride his tricycle.  He also loves going to the park and going down the slide, though it sometimes takes him awhile to get his courage to do so.  When he does finally conquer his fear he says "I'm not afraid anymore!" He doesn't like to go on the swings but keeps trying them.  He's determined.  And he's very friendly, outgoing, and social.  He will attempt to make friends with anyone he meets.  While at the park recently with Natalie he introduced her to some other kids by saying, "This is my Natalie."