My Barbie

I haven't owned a Barbie in a very long time, but when this one came to me unexpectedly I knew she had to be mine.

We inherited a box of toys for our grandchildren to play with at our house, and among them was this Barbie. I immediately picked her up and declared her mine. The first thing I did was to brush her hair and put it into a braid, which turned out to be a lot more enjoyable than I would have guessed.

I had a collection of Barbies when I was a girl. My first Barbie was an early 1960s "bubble cut" Barbie. I had one of those shiny black Barbie cases with the little pink hangers and a great collection of outfits that are now collectible. I eventually acquired a Ken, a Midge, a Skipper, and all their outfits, too. Unfortunately, my mom gave my entire Barbie collection to my younger cousins without my permission when I was in my 20s.

Over the years I have occasionally bemoaned the loss of my Barbies, but I'd never thought of getting a new one until now. As soon as I had this Barbie in my hands I wanted to get her a new outfit. And some shoes. She definitely needs some shoes.

I Googled Barbie clothes and, wow! So much cool stuff. I saw vintage outfits, hand knit sweaters, beautiful gowns, and trendy casual wear. I'd really like to get my Barbie into some jeans, a nice top, and a decent pair of comfortable shoes. She'll need some new clothes because I'd like to start taking her with me and photographing her in interesting places.

For now she sits on a shelf in my office. I stop and admire her at least once a day.