The Fin Car by Bill Lockner

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the fin car

Bill Lockner’s car is a 1979 Volvo that has been enhanced and rebuilt using scrap yard metal, and car parts that were bound for the landfill. “It started out stock,” Lockner explains, “and as time went by, things got added to it.” These things include truck fenders, the back end of a Rambler, and a fin. “[The Fin Car] was an idea to use up and change a car that to me represented soccer moms in the ‘70s,” Lockner says. “Every soccer mom had a ‘79 Volvo.” Lockner’s car features a removable fin, naturally, and is fully operational. He has driven his car to art car festivals throughout Washington, and regularly services his car to keep it running for everyday use. “What I like about it is that it makes me laugh,” Lockner says. “Wherever I go, when I drive it, it makes me laugh.” Lockner has owned five or six art cars over the years, and currently has another that’s a work in progress. His newest car project is a 1975 Gremlin that Lockner hopes to turn into a kinetic sculpture.