Friday Favorite Photo: Ben at the park

It's been a long time since I've posted a "Friday Favorite Photo," but I just had to put this one up. I think it's one of the nicest photos I've ever taken.

I was spending quality time with Ben a week ago in Kalamazoo and so we went to Milham Park to see the ducks. It was a beautiful day, not too hot, and Ben was happy when I told him he could go wherever he wanted and do whatever he wanted in the park.

I trailed behind as he led the way and ran around. We ended up going over a bridge and onto this tiny island in the middle of the flowing stream. The light was just right as he sat down on the bank to study the stream close up.

It turned into a day of discovery for Ben as I let him remove his shoes and socks and wade around. He found a big stick, got to stand on rocks, and was engrossed for quite a while watching leaves and twigs float away and under the bridge.