work, work, work

I've been writing like crazy the last two weeks.

I sit down at my desk in the morning, take a peek at email, Flickr, and Facebook (where I might play a game or two of Scrabble.) And then that's it. For the rest of the day it's all about the work.

Work, work, work. I stay at it all day, with only small breaks for tea, lunch, the mail, and maybe a few brief moments in the yard.

I've been revising and polishing the two chapters I'll be submitting to my MFA adviser and peers (via internet) in August. I really want to have those chapters DONE so I can relax a little and move on to other things. And there are plenty of other things.

I did allow myself one little day off recently though. It was a perfect day with temps in the 70s, so I spent the afternoon at a park where I took a walk on a nature trail, had a close encounter with a crane, ate lunch at the beach, and sat under a tree to read a book.

Here's some pics I took: