The Moth

Detroit is one of four cities
(along with New York, LA, and Chicago)
that host storytelling competitions known as "The Moth."

These are events where participants tell personal stories in front of an audience without notes. You might have heard it on your public radio station as The Moth Radio Hour. It's also a live storytelling program that tours nationally.

I love The Moth and was thrilled to learn that Detroit is one of the Moth's StorySLAM venues. These are open-mic storytelling contests that are held once a month. In Detroit the slams are held at Cliff Bells, one of the city's premier Jazz clubs.

I finally got a chance to attend last night and what fun! I had an especially good time since our table was picked to be one of the three sets of judges. Each storyteller's performance is scored by judges in the audience and a winner is declared at the end of the evening who advances in the competition.

The theme of the night was Danger, so all stories had to be on that topic. Some were great, some were not, and most were so-so, but there was never a dull moment. I was in awe of the nerve of people who are able to get up and do this!

I hope to become a regular attendee at this monthly event. And I count it as another reason I'm glad to live in Detroit. You can read more about The Moth here.