I Hate Blogger!!!

Why? Why? Why?
Why did I decide to mess around with my blog????

In a moment of weakness I clicked on "design" to experiment with new looks for my blog. I thought I'd just have a look around and see what was available - see what I could do. I wasn't unhappy with the look of my blog, I was just messing around for the heck of it, and now my blog is GONE & I can't recover it the way it was.

I've never been happy with Blogger. It's clunky and hard to use, but I've stuck with it because I didn't want to have to start a new blog somewhere else. I didn't want to lose all the writing and posting that I'd already done.

I've spent a lot of time - too much time - working to get my blog posts to look just so. I've had to work to get the text to line up with the photos in pleasing ways - it doesn't just happen, there's a lot of tinkering involved. It's more time consuming than I like to admit. But I've done it, I've taken that time. And now it's all messed up. Because of the new, supposedly improved template that's stuck on my blog, many of my posts are now out of kilter & I'll have to spend time fixing them.