Car Accident + Paint = Instant Art Car

Just found a great way to make an art car on the way to your next event. Get yourself a few five gallon buckets of paint and take the lids off. Get in your car and then find a way to get in car wreck and PRESTO!!!! the entire inside of the car will be covered in paint in no time. Not very efficient and cost effective in the long run but it does get the job done:)

These pictures were taken by Allan Hollister of a gnarly paint car accident on St Johns Bridge in South Africa.


Giant Shoe Art Car Kicks Butt

Giant Shoe Art Car Kicks Butt

Kang Shoe, a shoe manufacturer in China went all out and created a massive electric powered leather shoe art car that kicks some serious butt. It can carry two people up to 250 miles at speeds of up to 20mph on a single charge of the battery underneath the driver's seat. The body is made of real leather and cost about $6,500.

Once they they made it they took it out for a demo outside its headquarters in Wenzhou in eastern China's Zhejiang Province. Workers lined up for the chance to drive the shoe car which is 10ft long and more than three feet high.

The manufacturer created this shoe art car as a promotional tool with plans to make 40 for stores around the country.
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The Illuminated Mural

I went on an urban "safari" with a group of photographers last Sunday and took tons of new photos. One of the sites we photographed was The Illuminated Mural, a public art work in Detroit. This mural is painted on the side of a nine story vacant building near Detroit's downtown.

I love the way it seems to be raining color down the side of the building, and I love the way the bricks add texture. It's really fabulous in person and it was fun to hang out there for part of an afternoon.

Mangled Madness Rally Car - The Duck By Jaryn part 2

Mangled Madness Rally Car - Art Car Central

In the last installment of a StreetSafari ArtCar we showed you the Citroen 1CV. We even left a cliff hanger! How's that for blogging?

The long and short of it is that Mr Ducks, owner of the Duck, knows these cars like the back of his hand. Which he should since he hand builds these things from scratch.

So whenever he goes missing on an event we don't unduly worry. He's probably in some town somewhere repairing the Duck. Doesn't matter what it is, he can repair it 9/10. No problems at all.

Even when teams tell us in the evening "it looked terminal", short of the car being on fire, we tell them that he'll make it, and most times he turns up late into the evening looking worse for wear, looking a bit grimier, but with a great story to tell (we think - as we don't know Czech).

On this particular event, he had genuinely gone missing though. But again, we weren't too concerned as he'll pop out somewhere. Which is exactly what he did. At the end in Prague, in a proper Citroen 2CV. Which was odd. He was sporting a rather large plaster on his head as well. This can only end well.

He then proceeded to show us the following pictures. He even brought a translator for the evening.

The outcome was that when a crate fell out of the back of an Italian lorry, all the cars dived left and right, including the Duck.

But with a suspension travel in excess of 12 inches, the car simply flipped over, rolled 4 times, and spilled it's contents across an Italian Autostrada. As he was off the main route, no one on the rally had actually seen what had happened.

The Italians put him in hospital overnight before flying him back to Prague the following day. The day after he drove into Prague (not far from his home) to see us, and tell us about his great adventure.

Please be careful with your Art Cars!
By Justin Clements Street Safari 
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Mangled Madness Rally Car - Art Car Central

Mangled Madness Rally Car - Art Car Central

Mangled Madness Rally Car - Art Car Central

Mangled Madness Rally Car - Art Car Central

Mangled Madness Rally Car - Art Car Central

Mangled Madness Rally Car - Art Car Central

I am too political

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Qiu's Portrait of Mao is a play on words: mao means cat in Chinese. 

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Mystery Twins via Fantomatik

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