Natalie is 10 months old

Our sweet Natalie has just turned 10 months old and is already walking!

Really walking - not just tottering a few steps, or holding on to furniture for support, this girl is mobile.

And when she's going one way, but decides to go another, she pivots with the greatest of ease!

It's true that I'm her grandma, and I might just be slightly biased in my opinion, but I really do think our Nat is quite talented.

And I haven't even mentioned her astounding adorableness! Honestly now, have you seen a cuter baby girl?

Natalie is highly social, makes funny faces, loves to cuddle, and knows how to wave.

She loves being outside and enjoys eating finger foods, but she's not too fond of going to sleep and does her best to fight it off whenever possible.

Natalie thrives on attention, she's very talkative, and adores her big brother, Ben.

What fun we'll have in the next few years! I can hardly wait.