Is it June yet?

Our Valentine bouquet: iris and tulips.

Everything isn't coming up roses here at our house this Valentine's day. Things are fine with me and BB - we're both happy and healthy - but our computer died, which is a great annoyance and a sad thing. Especially since I had not recently backed up my photos or Word documents. Yikes!

The Geeks at Best Buy will be able to rescue us, but it's costly, on top the prospect of buying a new computer.

Here's a photo of the empty space where the computer used to be. It's so strange not to be at this desk, using this keyboard while composing this post.

The laptop works fine for most things, but I can't imagine writing on it. The keyboard's too delicate, and the screen is too low; I'd get a sore neck looking down at it. Hopefully I won't be working on it too long. We'll end up with a new and better computer and all will be well.

The annoying thing is how much time this computer transition period will take from our lives. Especially since time is such a precious commodity to me these days. I just received the reading list for my next MFA residency. I'm expected to read 15 books in the next three months!

This is reading that needs to be done while I'm working on my own writing, writing critiques, and two papers. And I will be doing all this while preparing for a photography show in May!

PLUS... we are getting ready to go to the Bahamas in 10 days. Not that I'm complaining about that, but there is all the packing and details to take care of. Not to mention how odd it seems to be going on vacation when there are so many other things I need to be doing. The timing isn't great, but the trip is a celebration of a milestone birthday for BB, and I'm sure we'll have a wonderful time.

Because of all this I don't expect to be blogging much in the coming weeks. Which I'm sure will disappoint my throngs of followers, but I'll be back now and then, so tune in!