Benny at two and three-fourths

My grandson Ben is now just a little older than two 1/2. He’s still such a sweetie, loves to cuddle and snuggle, but he’s definitely All Boy.

He came for a visit recently and spent most of his time playing with a collection of toy airplanes that once belonged to his father and uncle. Of course he made the airplanes shoot at each other. He also bit his cheese into the shape of a gun one day, and pointed out a gun shape in the clouds.

This makes me dismay, but what can a grandma do?

One of the things that Benny knows about the world is that guns are fun. He knows that sometimes when you are shot by a gun you “die.” This means that you lie still for a little while. But then you soon recover and begin shooting again.

I’m not happy about the gun fascination, but not too worried about it either. His father and brother did their fair share of shooting and dying, and they turned out okay.

Benny is a smart boy. At the age of two he already recognizes all the letters of the alphabet! Isn’t that somewhat advanced? I think so. He’s eager to know about everything and learns fast. I think his vocabulary is pretty impressive, and his pronunciation is great – except for things like the L sound in “yellow.”

He’s begun talking out little stories as he plays. His toys become characters in the story he’s imagining, which is so interesting to listen in on. He’s a very good boy, eager to please, proud of himself, and loves his little sister. He calls her "baby," and sometimes refers to her as “he.”

When Benny visits at our house, he likes to come up to my bed in the morning and snuggle. One morning as we were laying there watching the sky get brighter and brighter he said, “I love you grandma.”

It was the first time he’d ever said this without prompting – without it being part of a goodbye or goodnight. And I can’t even begin to describe how sweet that was.