snow, flu, flew

The second residency of my creative writing program in North Carolina turned out to be a disaster. First there was the snow. And then the ice. And then I got sick.

This was the view out my window the second day I was there. This little bit of snow caused the whole city and my college to shut down.

Our schedule for the week had to be completely rearranged and we were shuttled to alternative locations for seminars and workshops.

Since I'd been looking forward to balmy temps in the 40s or 50s I was pretty disappointed by this, but made the best of it. It was fun to see the people I'd met at the first residency again, and it was interesting to meet my new workshop group.

Things would have been fine if it hadn't been for the illness that suddenly descended upon me like an evil demon from Hell.

I spent the last three days of my residency cooped in my motel room with a fever, chills, and lungs that felt like they were on fire. I was as sick as I can remember being in a long, long time and miserable that I was missing so much. And then there was the misery of flying home sick.

At least I got a lot of good comments on my work, and look forward to the writing and editing to be done in the next few months. My next residency will be in May and I can only hope it might be a little more enjoyable!

While I was away the opening of a photography show that includes two of my photos took place. I was sorry to miss the opening, but here's a fun little video of what I missed: