Friday Favorite Photo: Justin and Jeremy

My twin sons will celebrate their 30th birthday this weekend!
Their 30th!!!
I am the mother of 30-year-olds - a fact that just blows my mind.

This photo was taken a few days after my sons were born. When I put them down next to each other for the hospital photograher it was the first time I'd see them side-by-side. Justin had spent the first two days of his life in the NICU. Although they're identical, Justin hadn't gotten his share of prenatal nutrition during the last few weeks of my pregnancy and was born two pounds lighter than his brother.

It still amazes me how different they look in this photo. But the difference didn't last long. Within a few months Justin was as chubby as Jeremy.

I'm proud of the men my boys have become. But no mater how old they get they'll always be my babies. My boys.