17 Crazy Ways To Prank Your Friends Car

Is it late night, feeling mischievous, and have nothing better to do on Saturday night? Why not prank your friends car next time you and your friends are out and about hanging out at Dennis at 1 o'clock in the morning. What better way to say "You rock dude" than to cover your buddies car with a bunch of TP or plastic wrap. Or show your boss how much you appreciate him by covering his car in post-it notes. Better yet, freak out your mom at grocery store by surrounding her car with shopping cars.  There is a car prank for every season, autumn leafs in the fall, snow in the winter, sand moats in the summer, pumpkins for Halloween. There is also a pick axe prank for the angry ex-girlfriend which I don't recommend. Have fun enjoy.

Surround Cart Car Prank
Police Tape Cop Car Prank - Better be a cop to do this
Police Tape Cop Car Prank - Better be a cop to do this

TP Car Prank

Tin Foil Car Prank

Car Filled with Pumpkin in Car

Principal's Car covered in hall passes Car Prank

Car filled with receipts and friends Car Prank

Car buried in autumn leaves Car Prank

cotton wool car prank

Plastic wrap and cone car prank

Cardboard covered car prank

Classic post-it note car prank

Paper mache car prank

Truck moat car prank

Filled with snow car prank

Plastic wrap car wrap

Angry ex-girlfriend pick axe car prank - ACC does not condone this one at all.