Today's Special

I got to see a free sneak-peek of a movie last night at my local "art-house" theater. Today's Special is about Samir, a young Manhattan sous chef who quits his job when he doesn't get an expected promotion, dreams of traveling to Paris, but ends up running his family's restaurant when his father has a heart attack.

In an act of desperation Samir hires a taxi driver named Akbar who says he used to do some cooking. Akbar turns out to be a very engaging character and an incredible cook who not only teaches Samir how to make his native foods, but how to make them with his heart.

I would have liked this movie even if I'd paid for the ticket. Staring Aasif Madvi of The Daily Show fame, I enjoyed the acting, the story, and the way it made me hungry for Indian food! It was fun to see Dean Winters, the guy who plays "Mahem" in TV commercials for Allstate, in a supporting role, and the actor who plays Akbar is great.