Alice Munro

I recently finished reading Carried Away, a brilliant collection of short fiction by Alice Munro. It includes seventeen of her favorite stories from some of her earliest to her most recent, ending with "The Bear Came Over The Mountain" from which the movie Away From Her was made.

I'd heard of Alice Munro, but hadn't read her stories until I got this book and now I'm a huge fan. I'm a little sorry it took so long for me to discover her, but better late than never I guess. Alice Munro has been described as one of the best fiction writers of our age, and I'd certaily have to agree with that. She's now my all time favorite writer.

A Canadian, Alice writes about ordinary events in ordinary lives with amazing insight about human nature, and particulairly about the lives of women and girls.

She's been writing since her twenties, publishing fourteen books of beautifully constructed stories, and is now 79 years old.

"Memory is the way we keep telling ourselves our stories - and telling other people a somewhat different version of our stories." Alice Munro