Rainy Dream Cruise

BB and I have been in our new house for a little more than a year now - a fact I was reminded of by The Woodward Dream Cruise. This is a classic car event that takes place each August along Woodward Avenue through Detroit's northern suburbs.

I'd heard of it, but never actually see it or paid it much attention, and so last year, being unaware of how crowded and crazy it can be, I actually tried to go to a grocery store ON Woodward. Big mistake! There was nowhere to park and I was stuck in traffic for an hour.

This year, I knew better. BB and I took a side street to a Woodward Ave. coffeeshop, parked behind it, and got a great seat at a table by the window. It was fun to just sit and watch it all go by for awhile, but a shame it was so rainy and grey.

This was the view from our coffeeshop window this morning:

The parking lot behind the coffeeshop:

A lot of Detroiters complain about the Cruise - especially those who live around here. It does cause an awful lot of congestion and inconvenience. It's technically a one day event, but cars start cruising and viewers start viewing a week or more in advance.

If you live in our neighborhood I think it's expected that you'll dread the Cruise, but I had fun observing the little bit of it that I did. It certainly is festive and fun and the kind of thing you'd expect to find happening in the Motor City.