Friday Favorite Photo: Girl in green tutu

I took this photo at the Michigan Womyns Music Festival in 2004. I was walking down the path past the porta-potties when this nice young woman asked if I would hold her tutu, being that it would not fit comfortably into the porta-potty and she didn't want to put it on the ground. "Sure," I said, thinking it was not everyday that one was asked to hold someone's tutu, much less a big green one, for a girl with pink hair.

And that's the thing about the festival... it's filled will lots of strange and wonderful little moments like this one. Moments that make you glad to be there in spite of the lack of flush toilets, electricity, or indoor showers.

For one week, each August, women from all over the world come to this place they call "Michigan." And since it's right here, not far from my neck of the woods, how could I not be there too?

The festival land is a place like none other in the world, a happy place of celebration and peace. It's a place where you can wear whatever wacky thing you want - or nothing at all. Sure, you have to stand in line under the blazing sun (or pouring rain) in order to be served food on a paper plate, but the food is great. And everywhere you go there are women smiling, women laughing, dancing, and of-course lots of music.

I love the fest but haven't attended in a couple of years, and I'm having a hard time getting myself in the mood for it this year. There are SO many other things I would rather be doing, not to mention how much I'll miss my own bed. But we've bought our tickets, so that's where we'll be for four days next week.