Damned distractions

I'm distracted. And slightly anxious. Which is not a good state for creative writing. Or for the pleasures of summer.

I've been doing pretty good recently about sitting down to write every day. I'm working on some short stories. Not just story ideas, which I'm very good at, or the beginnings of short stories, which are fun to write, but whole, complete, polished stories with middles and endings, which I'm finding to be a challenge.

I need to have four stories done for my MFA program between now and November, and so far I only have one and 3/4ths stories completed. So, there's still a lot of work to be done. But, as I said, I'm distracted.

I'm in the middle of painting a room and organizing all our books in a new bookcase. There's neglected gardening that needs to be done. The house is a mess. We have no groceries. And we're expecting guests this weekend.

I also need to think about getting packed for the four day womyns music festival we'll be attending NEXT WEEK! I have to haul out all the camping gear, make lists, plan, shop, do laundry etc...etc...

And with all this on my mind it's nearly impossible to write & I hate it. Not to mention I might get called for some more TV show extra work. Though I don't resent that distraction as much as I do the rest.

I'm SO distracted and annoyed that it's caused me to rant and complain on my blog! Crazy. Oh! How I wish for long, lazy, quiet summer days. My favorite season and it's going so fast.